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I’m so sick of games that would prefer to be movies.

I’m so sick of people who can’t appreciate a good narrative if it’s presented in any other way than by a book.

You’ve misunderstood. You clearly took the OP to mean “I don’t want narrative in games,”…

Games trying to be movies is commonly referred to as the David Cage Syndrome.

Or the Hideo Kojima Whoopsie-Doopsie.

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honestly how do you quote 4chan. they are all anonymous and stuff. I guess I could say “SOMEONE FROM 4chan.” BUT I REFUSE!!!

I do tend to post competing quotes — the positive and the negative, so that should cover it, yes?

Actually I post the negative more because it’s funnier and I am a professional victim. Hey! I actually kind of am! I just realized it now when I said it.

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>last episode was just summarizing, almost no jokes
>Joe is big SJW
>has a tumblr where he pastes specific /co/ quotes as if it’s all of 4chan speaking
>he will quote this post
>it is okay as it does not effect his work
>Simpsons/Family Guy crossover coming up
>episode could just be him getting offended by every family guy joke set up purposely to offend him
>misses all the real things to be upset about

Will this happen? Have we entered Zombie Simpsums?

4chan (ALL OF IT!!!)


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